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We take pride in tackling complicated problems without obvious solutions. Some of our projects are in development for years before they see the light of day. Here are our public operating businesses.

About us

Our software speaks for itself, but we may need an introduction. Hello, we are Niche Theory. We are a group of people focused on building world class Software-as-a-Service that solves real world problems in specific industries. Our two flagship products innovate in marketing tech and fintech. We're always looking for new ideas and great people, so if you're interested in meeting us, please reach out via e-mail using the address below.

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444 N. Wabash Ave #500
Chicago, IL 60611

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2028 E. Ben White Blvd #240-2010
Austin, Texas 78741

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dan -at- nichetheory -dot- com

For inquiries related to a specific business unit, please contact that unit directly